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SAINT-VIVANT is a Gascony Armagnac produced in Condom in South-West France, protected by a ‘AOC’ certification since 1936, renowned for the bottle’s slanted neck. SAINT-VIVANT Armagnacs are produced according to the Armagnac certification specifications set out in 1936 which focus on the region’s unique, age-old savoir faire. They are produced from carefully chosen grape varieties (Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco) grown in the best regions of Bas Armagnac – which boasts an elegant and assertive character – and Ténarèze – which produces fiery, full-bodied aromas. Their long ageing in local black oak casks allows them to develop fragrances of vanilla, prune, violet and spices, as well as a beautiful amber color with hints of mahogany.


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